Help Identifying Issue From Strange Gray Pattern on TV

Hi All,

I have a Samsung UN40MU7000 TV, and I recently replaced it with another, but before doing that I observed some strange problem on the screen and I am wondering what it is so I can determine whether or not to try and get it repaired. I took a couple of pictures if it helps:

Block Image

Block Image

Probably you can see the gray, shelf-like rectangular shape that covers most of the display, except for the edges, and I am wondering what might have caused this. It seems to be very distinctive for me to be just some random DSE.

If you have seen something like this before please let me know.

Thank you!

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@alex34326 what does it look like when you display active video on it? Why did you replace this TV?


@oldturkey03 Thanks for the reply. It's static and always there, but easier to see where is a solid color background like when watching sports, or against a lighter color like in the screenshots.

I wanted to get a more modern, OLED TV, that would pair better with the Series X, so I purchased another, but I still have my Samsung. It's a really solid and excellent TV, and I am thinking about other uses for it, but I want to see if it's possible to identify and resolve this issue first.


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