The screen randomly Go's black but audio still plays.

It's model number is PN60F5300BFXZA.

IF I plug it in and out again it sometimes works for a bit but it will randomly go dark. I called a local repair shop and they said it's whole display should be replaced but I'm hoping it's just a conective issue.

I put a picture of the inside if that helps. I really don't want to pay 300 for repairs. And advice apreachiated

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What is the video source? If you’re using a Roku/PlayStation/etc and it’s pumping out say 4k @ 60hz but your hdmi cable is only good for 4k @ 30 hz, this can cause the same issue as you’re describing. Go in your video source settings and manually decrease the video out and see if it stops.


@giantgarry try to post the image with your question again. This time follow this guide Adding images to an existing question

What have you checked and what have you tried?

No picture with sound is commonly caused by a bad Y-sustain board.


@jnca there is a roku yes I will try that


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