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Repair guides, disassembly information, and troubleshooting for the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, revealed June 2023.

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Identification of camera usen in AVP

Hei -

Do any of the cameras in AVP have Autofocus? Can they be TLens from poLight in Norway?

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I don’t understand why you want to know.

Apple Vision Pro has yet to be released so details are sparse. The marketing pages for Apple Vision Pro say there are at least two cameras facing outward. It’s not clear if there are additional optical cameras facing down at your hands and inward to your eyes, but there are certainly some kind of sensors performing these tasks.

It would be reasonable to expect the main cameras to have autofocus, but this has not been confirmed. Even if it was detailed somewhere publicly, an unreleased product could be changed before it become available. In addition, suppliers can be changed before or during manufacture and sometimes there are multiple suppliers for the same part. So it’s never guaranteed whose parts appears in the product unless you open it.

I guess my question is, why do you want to know about autofocus and why do you want to know about the camera supplier?

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Hi. Can you now say anything about the passthrough camera modules used in AVP?


They are seeking information due to investments in the Norwegian company.


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