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Need help with Alternator troubleshooting

While driving my Alternator stopped working causing my battery to die an my car to shut off while still in motion.

Is there any troubleshooting methods I could try to get it to work again before I have to pay for a new one? I'm not sure why it suddenly stopped working While I was driving an am hoping for some sort of Insight.



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@jakeweaver20248 what exact model Accord is this. Year and engine size?


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@jakeweaver20248 probably not. This is usually caused by failed diodes inside the alternator. Of course burned windings etc. are a possibility too. You could try to rebuild your alternator or replace it. There are not very many other options.

Alternator repair kits are available for about $40-$50 Rebuilt alternators for about USD $150-$300

Of course, make sure that all the wires are still connected, have a good ground and everything is properly hooked up.

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