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Multifunction wireless inkjet printer (scan/copy/fax), released 2013 from Canon. Identified by the "MX922" on the front of the machine, above and to the right of the "Canon" logo.

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How to take and open up the top control panel?

How would I take and open up the top control panel? :) Thanks!

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@ethansliga52557 printer repairs are the toughest ones. Nothing ever comes together easily after a repair :-) Canon does not like us to fix their equipment either which makes it twice as hard.

Anyhow, I suggest you check out this video It is pretty comprehensive and should help you with what you need to do. Top removal starts at ~6:00 min you do not have to go through the rest of the assembly.

While you work on your printer, take lots of pictures. Once you are done with it, take those pictures and create a guide for iFixit. That will help the next person that has the same problem as you do. It's easy and fun to create these guides. https://ifixit.com/Guide/new The iFixit community will appreciate this.

Repair is War on Entropy.

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