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The Galaxy A20s is a midrange Android smartphone released by Samsung in September 2019. Identifiable by model numbers SM-A2070, SM-A207F/DS, and SM-A207M/DS.

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My phone is not vibrate when I switch it kn vibrate mood

My mobile is not vibrate when I switch it on vibrate mode

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@moeeda does it vibrate when you first turn it on? Try a reset first. Make sure that this is not software related. Check under settings and see if there is a software update for your model. If so, then update it. If nothing works, it is possible that this is an issue with the vibrate motor or the sub board.

Of course you can check the test points on your main board to see if that is where the problem is

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Here are the instructions on how to disassemble your phone. Instead of an AOD jig,use a heat gun or similar to heat the rear cover to about 70 deg C. Be gentle with it, no reason to try and cook it :-)

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