Does not turn on

Hello all,

I have a friends tv UE43RU7105K and when I plug it to the mains it turns on the red led it blinks then it turns off. The backlight turns also on.

And keeps doing this forever.

Have already removed the back cover to check caps and anyblow component but did not had that luck as all are OK.

Does anyone have a service manual for this serie?

Would like to repair the board or boards and not just buy a newone...



Update (09/12/23)

Hello all,

Here are some photos of the boards stickers:


Block Image

power another sticker

Block Image


Block Image



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@timoteomendes with a little bit of luck you'll find the power supply schematic. Mainboard schematics are pretty much non-existent. Anyhow, look at your board and give us the board numbers. They may be used on other models as well and thus you'll have to look for schematics by those numbers.

How many blinks? If your backlight comes on, the power supply is the least likely board that has failed.


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