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My display pixels is not show but display light show how it fixit

My display light is on but it is not show anything what can i do to fix it

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Well, you've got two possibilities here; you could have a problem with the graphics engine or logic on the motherboard or you could have a bad display. Since the latter is far more likely and is possible to fix, the recommended procedure in this type of situation is to replace the screen. Your phone has one of the simplest screen replacement guides I've ever seen so you shouldn't have any trouble fixing it yourself.

The procedure is the same, but here are a couple of guides showing you how.

Samsung Galaxy J6 Display Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Manuales / Samsung Galaxy J6 / screen

You can find replacements online at most of the major retailers like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. Here's an example.

Amazon.com: Touch Screen LCD Monitor, Touch Display Digitizer Assembly with Tool Set, for Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 J600FN/DS Display LCD Panel Repair Parts Kit (Black) : Cell Phones & Accessories

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