My PS3 slim CECH-2504B gives me a blue light and turns off.

My PS3 slim CECH-2504B gives me a blue light when I turn it on and it doesn’t display any video and it turns back off a few seconds later. I broke one of the small flex on the Blue ray disc drive and the fan socket got ripped off the motherboard board while I was trying to open my PS3 and clean out the dust. I think I saw it somewhere that my PS3 can run without a BR drive or maybe I could place a fan directly facing my console? I don’t know I need help here. I never used the BR drive as all my games are digital on the HDD and I’m running on CFW. Is there a way I can salvage it without replacing anything? Because I just downloaded some pretty cool games including the last of us. Yes I live under a rock I haven’t played it yet, but you get how important it is. I’ve tried salvaging the BR drive flex but now the blue light is gone but video doesn’t come on and it turns off after 5 seconds or so. Help!!!

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