Computer wont turn on after coolant liquid replacement.

I have a liquid coolant system for my pc. So a couple of days ago the computer started to turn off as coolant was not working. So I order replacement coolant and tend to refill it but I had no idea about static and I think during the process something has happened now that power supply takes the electricity and motherboard lights turns on but it wont startup with power button.

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@mario22281 Did you make sure that all the cables are plugged in where they're supposed to be?


Yes Andrew I took a picture before unplugging.


When a computer is turned on things happen. What you posted says that the PSU is working and supplying 5V. What else is happening???????

Do your fans run == 12V is working.

Do you hear a post beep? == CPU is working >> because of your coolant problem, there is a high probability of a problem here.

What MB lights are working? == Disk activity light?? Disk is being accessed.


I will add a video link to see it. There is no beep or disk access.


no beep or disk access would point to the high probability CPU not running.

It doesn't take long to fry a CPU without coolant.


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