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Guides and repair information for Electrolux vacuums.

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Changing the drive wheels, has someone done it?


My Electrolux Pure i9 (1st gen.) has developed an error: It leaves the charging station and runs for a minute or two, then displays E15 and says "I'm stuck, please move me a little" on a smooth parquet floor. It looks like it is the drive wheel that is either malfunctioning or needs a cleaning.

Has anybody done a tear down of this model?

I would really like to know how hard I can push on the plastic bits, because I am a bit worried about taking off the front bumper, since it seems to stick to the front of the machine, even if I get the sides loose.

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I have no experience with the error you mention but I took the vacuum apart to fix rattling noise caused by debris caught in the main brush belt drive.

To take off the bumper, I just used brute force, having found no better method. I did this twice and had no issues. The shape of the lugs on the inside makes me think that you should be pushing up while pulling the bumper off the body but I can't say it helped really.

After taking off the bumper, cover the front lens with a soft cloth and secure with tape to avoid scratching it. The side lasers you can just cover with masking tape as the lenses are recessed and the tape won't touch them.

Next, take off the cover that goes around the back of the body. (Just like the bumper but fitting snugly and not spring-loaded.) Push a flat screwdriver between the back cover and the body, approximately where the end of the bumper was, to release a small lug. Do this on both sides, then tear away the cover just like the bumper, by brute force.

Taking off the bumper and the back cover are the only steps that require force. From then on, it's just size 10, 15 and 20 Torx screwdrivers.

When reattaching the bumper, be careful that the rubber dust cover behind the the glass goes around the lens and doesn't get squeezed on top of it, obscuring it. You might need to use a piece of tape on the back of the dust cover to bend it into proper shape.

Hope this helps.

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