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The third generation Kia Rio debuted on March 1, 2011, at the Geneva Motor Show, again based on the Hyundai Accent.

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Why it is taking too much water every day

It is using a lot water, I have to refill water every day

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What? What does this mean? What water are you talking about? Do you mean fuel?


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If you're talking about coolant for the engine, the first of all you shouldn't be using straight water, as antifreeze coolant has rust inhibitors that keep the water from damaging and oxidizing parts inside the engine.

Secondly, your car is not supposed to use up water, so it has to be going somewhere. Park the car somewhere on a clean piece of pavement for a while then look underneath for any signs of water or antifreeze that may be dripping from the car. Check the radiator, hoses, heater and connections to the engine block for leakage.

If you don't find anything whatsoever, there's only one other place the liquid can be going, and that's into the combustion chambers of the motor, where it's being converted to steam and blown out of the tailpipe. The most common cause for that to happen is a blown head gasket, which would require significant engine repairs.

So your next step is going to depend on whether you can find a leak or not; if you're adding as much water as it sounds like you are, any leak should be very apparent. Is your car blowing white smoke out of the tailpipe nowadays? That would be another symptom of an internal leak; i.e., a blown head gasket.

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