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Face ID not working post Ios17 update!


I have just upgraded my iPhone to the latest IOS & suddenly Face id does not work. The front camera works, just not face id. It keeps saying lower the phone or face not in box etc.

i have already tried all the std options on the book/manual/blogs.. including resetting the phone and face id :(

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Have you tried reenrolling your face?


Yup... it just doesnt ack it..keep saying lower your iphone

Was working perfectly well before


@sahil48808 I would say the best case of action is to go to ipsw.me and download the iOS 16.6.1 IPSW to downgrade.


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Sahil, this is the second time in as many days we've seen an issue with an iOS 17 update; the other was the loss of battery percentage with an aftermarket battery. Has the screen on your phone been replaced by yourself or a non-Apple authorized repair center?

I'm not sure we've gotten the full resolution on the other issue yet, but so far the favored suggestion seems to be to try rolling back to the iOS 16.x version you were using before and see if Face ID comes back.

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