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Fix your 5G Edition Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone with these replacement part DIY repair guides.

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The middle of the screen is not working properly

The middle of screen is not working properly

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Azariya, you don't mention whether it's the touch screen function or the display function that's not working, but in either case the fix is the same; you'll need to replace the screen assembly.

On your phone replacement screens come in two forms; with the frame and without the frame. The "correct" or officially sanctioned way is to replace the frame and screen together as one piece; that way the screen comes preattached to the frame and you don't have to worry about gluing it down so it won't fall off.

Sorry to say that iFixit doesn't have a guide to show you how to do that repair, but I did locate a YouTube video that gives good instructions.

Samsung Galaxy s10 5g LCD Screen replacement - YouTube

This guide is for the version with the screen plus frame assembly; if you want to replace just the screen without the frame you'll need to locate a different guide as the procedure is different for just replacing the display by itself. The screens are available on a variety of sites; I usually start with Amazon, eBay and AliExpress but there are almost certainly others as well.

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