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Kodak easyshare zd710 battery issue

So today I got a Kodak easyshare ZD710

and it's got a battery issue.

Everytime I insert new batteries the camera thinks the batteries are drained!

Has someone got an idea to fix this?

Update (10/01/23)

Update 1 :it sometimes happens when I insert/reinsert batteries

Update (10/01/23)

It's not from a store btw

Update (10/01/23)

It works but it might happen again when I reinsert batteries

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I've got a similar issue with my Z712IS. When it was new, I could change the battery and the camera would retain the clock for a minute or two while changing it.

Today, even if I rapidly swap the battery in 1-2 seconds, the camera will lose its time/date settings.

The official word is that this shouldn't happen - that the camera has capacitors that will retain the time for a short time while the battery is removed. If that's so, then the caps have died, but I have no clue how/if they can be replaced.

I think it is more likely that there is an internal battery (or maybe a supercap) designed to run the clock independent of the battery pack, and it needs to be replaced. But without access to any service manual to teardown document, I can't prove that.

Update: I found the teardown for the Z650, which shows what appears to be an internal battery: Kodak Easyshare z650 Teardown. So maybe there is one in a Z712IS or a Z710 as well.

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If you just got to today, I would return it and get an exchange. Take your batteries with you and install them in the store to make sure they work.

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This would work out but it's not from a store or something


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