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The Dell Inspiron 15-7567 laptop was released in 2017.

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Subwoofer stopped working on Dell Inspiron 15-7567

Subwoofer stopped working on Dell Inspiron 15-7567

Good afternoon, I faced the following problem: the subwoofer stopped working. The main suspects are the drivers.

When buying new headphones did not work headset. To solve this problem I decided to reinstall the sound driver. After a couple of reinstallations, and after some time I noticed that the subwoofer stopped working. Re-installing the driver did not help. Even after a complete reinstallation of the OS with formatting the hard disk, the problem remained. Also in the device manager in the sound devices is now displayed just realtek audio, although before it seemed to be realtek high definition audio. I would be grateful for your help. I tried to install drivers both from the official dell site and using third-party applications.

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I'd suggest diving into the 'Sound' settings in the Control Panel first. Once there, right-click on your playback device and open 'Properties'. Under the 'Enhancements' tab, ensure that 'Bass Boost' and 'Loudness Equalization' are activated. If they aren't, it's worth giving them a tick and applying the changes.

Next, you might want to peek into the Realtek Audio Console. Navigate to the speaker configuration settings there and double-check that the subwoofer hasn't been inadvertently disabled. On the driver front, while you're in Device Manager looking at sound devices, try right-clicking on Realtek Audio, select 'Properties' and then move to the 'Driver' tab. There might be an option to 'Roll Back Driver', which can revert to a previous driver version that possibly worked better for you.

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Unfortunately I don't have the 'Enhancements' tab in sound. Also the 'Roll Back Driver' button" is not available


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