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How do I replace the back camera glass

How do I replace the back camera glass only without replacing the entire camera housing?

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Hi Juan,

There are like three different ways to do what you want. Probably the simplest is to simply replace the back of the phone; it's only held on with adhesive so it's really just a matter of prying the back off then regluing a replacement back on.

Of course, that's not the answer you're looking for, so let's examine the other two methods available. First of all, you can replace the piece that holds the camera lenses as shown in this guide.

Manuales / Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G / Camera lens

That will get you what you want, but again requires you to remove the back of the phone (which you can do if you just follow the very first step of the guide) and then disassemble some more stuff to swap out that part.

However, what I hear you saying is that you just want to replace the glass and nothing else, right? For that we'll turn to YouTube where I found a video outlining exactly what I expected with respect to that repair.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Glass Replacement - YouTube

As I thought, the rear glass covering the three cameras is all one piece and is only held onto the case with glue. So the replacement procedure consists of picking the broken glass off the back of the phone, removing the adhesive and sticking on a new piece of glass. Assuming your replacement glass comes with a sheet of precut adhesive, then it's just that simple. Here's the part you'll need; I just posted the first one I came across so there are undoubtedly many more available on sites like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress to name a few.

Amazon.com: 2X Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Rear Back Camera Glass Lens Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (All Carriers) +Repair Tools : Cell Phones & Accessories

I think that's all you need; holler if you have any questions and be sure to let us know how it all turns out! And hey, you can always take lots of pictures as you work and author your very own guide for folks who come after you with the same problem! It's easy, fun and the community will appreciate you!

Create a new Guide - iFixit

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