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The Samsung Galaxy A10s is an Android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics, and was released in March of 2019.

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لماذا تلفوني يتحرك لمس لوحد

لماذالمس هاتفي يلمس لوحد

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Title: Why does my phone move by itself?

Question: Why are you touching my phone alone?

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@shkraabdllh7333 What you're describing sounds like the phenomenon known as "ghost touch" where the phone is registering input to the touch screen despite nothing touching the screen. This happens when the electronics fail or are damaged and are essentially allowing random electrical noise through and misinterpreting that noise as touch inputs.

This is almost always a fault with the digitizer, that layer of glass that is responsible for reading the touch inputs and reporting them to the processor. All modern phones have the digitizer fused to the display such that its generally not cost effective to attempt to replace them separately. So ultimately the cure to the problem you're seeing is to replace the screen.

Unfortunately iFixit doesn't have a guide for your phone but there's a French site called SOSav that does.

Réparation Ecran complet (Ecran + châssis) Galaxy A10s - Guide gratuit - SOSav.fr

Installing a new screen will almost certainly fix the problems with your touch screen.

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