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The Arduino Uno is an open-source microcontroller board based on the Microchip ATmega328P.

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This isn’t really a repair I just need someone with some experience

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This morning I accidentally fried my R3 I don’t know how, it was hooked up to the 9V battery and it was running blink as a test suddenly the lights went out and the 47uf capacitors started getting hot. So it’s time for an upgrade I have the R4 on its way but is there any way to get the R3 temporarily working

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It might be a blown capacitor, can you check?


@ryan0001 idk how also I don’t have a volt meter available I believe I blew a fuse and that is causing them to get hot


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@thomas35549 a blown fuse would not cause this, If anything I would suspect the voltage regulator U1 (AMS1117) next to your DC In Jack.

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Here is the layout Uno 3 Component Layout and here is the schematic Uno 3 Schematic The datesheet for the voltage regulator is here AMS1117

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Ok thank you


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