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Released December 3, 1994 in Japan and September 9, 1995 in North America. Models SCPH-100x, SCPH-3000, SCPH-3500, SCPH-500x, SCPH-550x, SCPH-700x, SCPH-750x, and SCPH-900x.

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playstation game sound not working 100%

I have a playstation model scph-9001 with is connected to my tv, an insignia ns-42L260A13 via a audo/video component switch - model 73344 with a composite cable.

When playing games, the games load up and play as they should, but the sound is not working 100% meaning that the sound will play, but there is constant buzzing.

I guess that playstation doesn't work 100% with my tv, but my question is what can I do about the problem?

I know that I can either 1) use a tube tv or 2) use a ps3, but I would really like to use original hardware. Emulators don't always produce good results.

Or is there anything that I can do?

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Have you tried connecting to the TV directly and not through the switch? My TV has the component, but you can put composite video on the green and that works. Or, at least test the sound directly to rule out the switch box.


@gamekid Have the capacitors on this console been replaced?


Yes, capacitors can do this, but often it takes a few minutes to go out. There is freeze spray you can shoot onto each cap and if tgat improves the sound, then suspect that cap is bad. First check for bulging caps. It could be the TV also, and its comnector. Many variables.


Connecting through the tv has the same results. This ps1 was preowned and is in good shape. I dont' think that the capacitors need to be replaced.

What about using one of these hdmi adapters?



That adapter would only work on PS2 not PS1. Look at the photos, where do the RCA composite AV connectors plug into? To get read HD you need a conversion board installed.

Your scph-9001 is so old, of course a capacitor could be bad. I would try a different TV because there is no way to rule that out otherwise.

The PSX scene is mostly here, by the way: https://www.psxdev.net/forum/index.php

Making your screen fit into HDMI with an adapter is different than upscaling the video signal. To do so you need something like this: https://www.pixelfx.co/product-page/retr...

Do you have any stereo or speakers you can plug the RCA stereo (red and white) connectors into? Again, trying to find a way to see if you get buzzing on a different set of speakers.


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Answer: Troubleshoot with a known good PS1 AV Composite cable, a known good power cord, and a different TV. Ideally try the same model PS1 on your same TV. Try different outlets in different parts of the house. Try with and without the power strip or surge protector. Have an electronics expert test capacitors. Try a stereo RCA noise filter in-line between the PS1 output and TV input (stereo). If you ever need disassembly instructions, they are here on iFixit.

Sony PlayStation Teardown

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