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Guides for the Wi-Fi version of the iPad mini 5—model A2133. Released in March 2019, the iPad mini 5 is the successor to the iPad mini 4.

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Replacement Battery Zero volts

Hi, my wife’s 3y/o iPad mini 5 died the other morning. Wouldn’t startup, wouldn’t charge.

I tried all the online suggestions but no joy.

I decided to replace the battery but first I removed the old one (partly to check my ability to do this ok) and found it at 0 volts.

So I ordered a new one and, before fitting, was surprised to find it also at 0 volts.

I wouldn’t have been too surprised but the spare battery I had ordered for my own iPad mini 2, two years ago, was still showing 3.5 volts.

However, the battery seller encouraged me to fit it and charge the device. I did this but no joy.

My real question is; “would you expect a NEW battery to arrive CHARGED?” ie. Is it possible I’ve been sold a dud battery?

Many thanks!

Kind regards, Mike.

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That battery is permanently damaged. It would be nearly impossible to restore a battery in that state of charge. Personally would keep pressuring the seller for a refund and get the battery from a more reputable place like here at iFixit or another place.

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Many thanks Duck, I’ve got the refund and reordered through iFixit!

Much appreciated


@mikefloutier No problem. Glad to help.


Hi, it’s me again. I received your replacement battery and installed it but it still won’t start.

I’m now looking for other repair ideas.


@mikefloutier best way to do that is by creating a new question. There, give all the details, background of the iPad and everything you have done and tried.


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