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Quality replacement battery for MacBook Pro 15" A1260 (non-unibody)

Hi everyone!

I'm searching for a nice quality replacement battery for my MacBook pro 2008 non-unibody. We still use one of these for light office work and useful old software at our small company.
However, it's really hard to find nice replacement batteries and unfortunately I cant buy one from iFix as It cant be delivered here in Brazil.

So, does anybody knows a good brand of aftermarket battery? Tried to buy one at AliExpress but it was very low quality.

Any help would be appreciated



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This gets tricky, I doubt you’ll find a good battery unit even here in the states would be very difficult.

Instead I would investigate rebuilding the batteries you have (hopefully you have a good collection) carefully dissect one to identify the cells so you can search there replacement.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for replying ;-)

I'm willing to rebuild the battery assembly but I don't know where to find nice replacement cells...

The iFixit one states that it's built using Samsung cells, so I'll try to find some of these.


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