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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Input backlight inverter, looking for wiring diagram

Hi all,

As there has been some questions and answers about the backlight invertor, this is something completely different (I guess). I'm reusing the screen and inverter for a totally different project, but I forgot the measure the input for the inverter before taking the iMac apart. Does anyone have the information I'm looking for? There are 4 input pins, what are they used for and could I reuse them?

Block Image

Im trying to attach the screen to an Asus Pro H610T mainboard which has a LVDS and connectors for the backlight.


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@renekok the LG LM201WE3 display uses a CCFL backlight, not the newer LED backlight.

Remove the covering from the inverter so we can see the connector etc. That should give us a better idea about what you got going on here.

For the four wire connector:

1 12V

2 Backlight enable (On-Off)

3 Dim

4 Ground

You did not give us the suffix for the panel you are going to use Here is the LM201WE3 TLF8 LG datasheet.

The Asus Pro H610T is a Mini ITX motherboard. You are looking at either a VGA/Displayport or HDMI output.

Easy enough, just get a universal driver for this panel. Something like this and connect it like you would any other monitor.

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Thank you for your reply, my screen is actually the TLF5 version, so I ordered a compatible driver. The mainboard a thin ITX was also too large to fit in the iMac. I ordered a Pi 5 and will be going for that.


@renekok great! Once you got it all done and setup, let us know how it looks. We love it when people repurpose and reuse. That is what iFixit is all about. Repair is War on Entropy!


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The LCD backlight in this series used a CCFL lamp setup. The inverter (Ballast) used here converts the power to around 1300 volts to cause the gas inside to convert to a plasma. Your laptop uses LED’s which is a very different system.

CFL Bulb Circuit Working Explanation

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Hi Dan,

Thank you for your answer. I dont understand completely, but I guess the powersupplu in this case should not come from the mainboard but directly from a powersupply, I assume.

The screen itself, an LG LM201WE3 has an smaller 4 wire connection which supposed to be used for brightness and?


@renekok - Review the link as it explains how this displays backlight works. Newer iMacs and most laptops use LEDs today, this is how we did it years ago within this iMac.


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