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Dim LED’s moves around after restart on my Vizio P55-C1

Got some dim led’s that can only be seen on white background & rarely gets worse. Seeking solution.

Block Image

Block Image

I am pretty sure it’s not the failing LED’s cause recently I changed thermal paste & reflow my main board & there was no dim led’s anymore. Also dim led’s move around the tv after every restart or shutdown. Sometimes it’s only in the middle right of the tv & little more darker & other times only in the centre & very faint or on all sides & is also very faint. Only can make out in white background mostly & when i think i can see while watching something, i just restart my tv & it fixes for few days. Is there any permanent fix to my problem & what’s causing this ?

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@blockr22 "cause recently I changed thermal paste & reflow my main board & there was no dim led’s" does not fix backlight strips. The issue with your TV appears to be an issue with the actual backlight strips. Replacing those should resolve the issue.

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@oldturkey03 I really don’t think it’s faults led’s cause after reflow there was not even a single dark spot fir few days & dark spots gets darker sometimes & restart makes it much less noticeable


@blockr22 There is not a whole lot of other things that can do this, if nothing else, post a video so we can see what this all looks like. Remember that no reflow will ever fix a backlight strip. Why did you reflow your mainboard?


@oldturkey03 had to reflow the main board & change the thermal paste cause it was heating up like crazy due to which tv was sometimes turning on & other times it wasn’t. So i see some posts on reddit having same issues & reflow was recommended. This fixed all my problems with the tv, i would say even the LED’s are way better aswell since then. It was very dark in the middle right & now not so much


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