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The Razer Blade Stealth is a gaming laptop with a 13.3 inch wide screen. The laptop features 16 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7 CPU. It comes in Space Grey and Mercury White.

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Where to buy a reliable replacement battery in the UK?

My Razer laptop, purchased in early 2018 and which otherwise runs excellently, has a dead battery. I replaced it with one bought from Alibaba in 2022, and that one died within months. The seller gave me another for free which lasted about a year. Now that one is dying too (dies at 35 percent, only charges to 70 percent, i.e. about an hour of light use, health report changes wildly, sometimes saying over 70 percent, sometimes reporting 40 percent).

I know that iFixit in the US offers replacement batteries for this model. But there are none in stock for the UK store. Where can I buy a battery that isn't e-waste in waiting in the UK? So many sellers of replacement batteries online and on Amazon appear to be scams.

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Have you considered using a parcel forwarding service from the US to the UK? You'd have to find one that also handles batteries (safety reasons), but you could buy from the US


@overcharge91772 by the way, have you tried contacting OEM support? Sometimes manufacturers have an agreement with local companies that are "official resellers" of replacement parts


Thanks to everyone for your answers and comments. Luckily, or perhaps because of this thread, iFixit got in stock. I ordered it right away and it was promptly delivered, just in time for a crucial work trip. Thanks iFixit, and thanks everyone here!

In future, I think @oldturkey03 is right. This seems to be a fact of life, and the best we can do is look to each other for advice on reliable suppliers. I am thankful to @tech_ni for the prompt and direct recommendation.

Positivity aside, the difficulty I have had with replacing this part and others on this computer has made me think twice about ever buying a razer product again, and I think I am going to put repairability first in my purchasing decisions from now on. It's nice when things are new and flashy, but you gotta think about how it's gonna work - and how you are going to maintain it - five years or so down the line. Lesson learned!


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@overcharge91772 you are absolutely right. Counterfeit batteries seems to be the biggest plaque out there right now. The bad thing about this is that there really is no good way in determining who is good and who is not. Which puts us all in the same predicament. Once you have a known good supplier you do want to stick with them and purchase sort of exclusively from there, just like most of us do.

Now for recommending where to purchase one from in your country, that has its own drawback. Recommendations will always be subjective. Just because I have had good experiences with a certain seller, does not guarantee that you will. so we try to stay away from that. What I do recommend, is that you see which supplier the fixers in your part of the world use. People like @tech_ni or @hellomacos might be able to speak to it. Also, try the repair cafe's in your area. Those volunteers are a great source of information as well as https://therestartproject.org/about/ Try to get in touch with them, since they are awesome in trying to tackle the climate emergency by decreasing eWaste. You may not get a definite answer but you may get a good lead.

I know it's a lot of work to do all of this. At least you can be reasonably sure that you are getting an objective answer. Thank you for caring about our planet and for being conscious of our environmental issues.

Repair is War on Entropy!

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