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Repair guides and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 folding Android smartphone, released in August of 2021.

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Screen turns black when I touch it. Like ink spreading.

My Samsung z flip has a black spot by the camera lense that is growing downward. I didn't know what it was originally and rubbed it and it spread like black ink. What might it be and can I fix it? If so how?

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@matthewj41963 this "rubbed it and it spread like black ink." is a broken screen. Your phone uses AMOLED displays and when those break internally they leak what appears as ink. the only way to fix that is by replacing the screen.

Check these guides Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Screen Replacement for the replacement of those screens.

Replacement screens are available. Do an online search to find a vendor that appeals to you.

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Thank you very much! You're a badass!


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