Samsung TV (QN60Q60AAFXZA) powers on but no audio and picture.

Model: Samsung QN60Q60AAFXZA

When I turn on the TV, the TV has no picture or audio but there is power. The TV does look like it powers on and off but it could be the LEDs dimming higher and lower.

I have disconnected the main board from the power supply board and all the LEDs turn on with no issues.

When you disconnect the main ribbon that is connected to the main board, the audio comes back on but still no picture.

If you connect the main ribbon back to the main board and disconnect the flex ribbon (Part #QPWBM0025FVZZ) all the way on the bottom then half the (right side) screen comes back on and the other half (left side) is white. This TV model does not have a separate T Con board. Now if you disconnect the left side or the right side of the flex ribbon, I get the same results. The left side of the screen is white, the right side is normal, and there is audio. Anyone got any ideas?

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