Vizio E55-E0 boot loop

My Vizio M55-E0 works normally for about 90 sec then goes into boot loop. After 60 sec power cycle just boot loop. If I power cycle for 15min off it works for 90 sec then boot loop like before. Nothing plugged in but power cord. Have tried hard reset and checked for system updates

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@tommarlin exactly what does it do?


About a week ago I got a weird red “fried” screen look so I recycled the power. Since then it goes into a boot loop when I turn it on - power indicator light comes on, then the Vizio V, then dark grey for about 30 sec, then off, the the cycle repeats. If I leave if off for about 30 mins, I can turn it on and everything is normal - good picture, normal menu, etc. But after about 90 sec, the screen freezes, then it goes back to the boot loop described above. Capacitor, circuit board issue maybe?? I’ve tried all the simple “fixes” I saw online


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