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The Galaxy A12 is a low-end slate Android smartphone released by Samsung in November 2020 as a successor to the Samsung Galaxy A11. Identifiable by model number SM-A125 (followed by version/carrier-specific character.

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Screen does not work after replacement

Good evening, everyone.

The phone in question fell (the owner said he doesn't know exactly how and where it fell).

After replacing the diplay, including the frame, the phone continues to behave abnormally. I reopened everything and checked to see if any of the connectors were miswired, but everything seems fine. I disconnected and reattached the cable connecting the display and cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol. It continues to behave in the same way.

The site from which I got the display is https://www.e-pol.it/ . I find it reliable, I have always been comfortable with it, had already ordered the same and identical item and repaired another Samsung Galaxy A12 without any problems.

I leave attached a video showing the way the phone behaves (I put my hand in front to cover a child's face in the screen lock picture) and photos of the internal components: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1...

UPDATES 19/12/2023

So I have some "updates." In disassembling and reassembling, I noticed that the cables have different initials:

- The abbreviation of the new display is "SM_AO22F."

- The abbreviation of the old display I replaced is "SM-127F".

I leave attached photos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sN9wLwy...

I saw that the site sells two types of displays, one with FLAT A022F and the other with FLAT A127F. I don't really know the difference, I have asked here on iFixit in the past and was told that some "components" of the Samsung Galaxy A022 display can interchange with those of the Samsung Galaxy A12.

(see here: What is the difference between these two types of display?)

Remembering that I have another Samsung Galaxy A12 at home that is fully functional, I went to check what initials it had and it has "SM-127F," which is that of the old display.

My suspicion is that they sold me the wrong display or otherwise got something wrong (I am sure I ordered the one with FLAT A127F, I have the proof in the order history). My idea to see if this is indeed the case, or at least to rule it out, is to try to put all the components in this other fully functioning display as soon as I can (I'm replacing piece by piece from one frame to another). If everything works, the problem is the display.

I will let you know, In the meantime if you have anything to saugger me I would be grateful.

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You may want to get a new display. If you still have the origanal display, see if you can put that on, and if it works like normal, then it will be a display issue. If it does not, it could be the connector on the logic board, or the phone's GPU.

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The old display I replaced no longer worked, so I replaced it. The new one I purchased did not either, and it is also original.

The article is this: https://www.e-pol.it/store/product-list/...

It is an Italian site, I find it reliable, I have always used it and never had any problems.

The phone fell on the ground, is it possible that the video card broke? I don't know.

The old display didn't work but I remember it behaving a little differently. If it helps I can replace and put the old one back on and send a video of how it behaves.


I don't think that it would be likely that the Graphics Processor in the phone broke, as that is part of the phone's APU chip. It could be the cable connector? Check to see that it is cleaned, and all pins are in place. A picture of the logic board might be nice.


Find everything here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1...

If you can use anything else please tell me.


@most99 Could you take a picture of the screen cable connector? That way I can see if all pins are in the correct position.


Not being sure which cable you were referring to specifically, I took a picture of both. I also took a video, it looks to me like there's glue around it, maybe even between the pins, I wouldn't want that to be a problem. I hope it shows well...



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