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Repair guides for the Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick) game controller. The controller was released by Saitek.

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Lost Y axis. Any fixes for that?

Suddenly lost my Y axis today. Any way to fix that?

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This may or may not work but if it doesn't help it's not going to hurt and it's cheap. We had a X Y calibration problem on a oculus controller that support could not solve. We were told by an electrician to buy a can of AIR FILTER CLEANER from auto parts store. It comes in a spray like paint. It's not conductive and will not hurt anything in the device (plastic rubber electrical) it dissolves any foreign material like sweat and dust that may be inside like magic. Spray it liberally in the cracks or vents and let it evaporate. If the problem is still there it's a bigger issue. Get the warranty paperwork out send it back.

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