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Пятое поколение iPhone. Ремонт данного устройства простой и требует только отвёрток, лопатки для открытия и терпения. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32 или 64 Гб / Черный или Белый.

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iPhone 4s found after 10 years, but stuck in apple logo.

So my mom phone my sister's OLD phone in a storage, its a white iPhone 4 (A1332), it hasn't been charged in like a DECADE, the phone is running iOS 7, at first, there was no signs of life, but then after cleaning its port multiple times (yes, it was very dirty) it didn't come up with a dead battery logo, but instead was on the apple logo, it would stay on there for 10 minutes and then the apple logo would fade away with a white line, then goes dark, then flashes white. This thing hasn't been charged in YEARS AND YEARS. Please help! The power button is also stuck. The home button isn't though.

Info Provided

Its running iOS 7-9
Model: iPhone 4
Model Number: A1332
AT&T model.

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Honestly, if you really want to get this thing going, your best bet is to buy a functional phone of the same model and swap the logic board into it. That will eliminate all the broken parts and leave you with just the motherboard as the only part to deal with. It will either work or not, but at least you won't be chasing down rabbit holes.

The thing is, with that phone being so old and not even supported on some carriers (Verizon) any longer, you can almost certainly pick up a working one cheap, especially if you find one that's iCloud locked - which you won't care about since you'll be swapping the motherboard.

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I need the data, my sister has gave me her passcode for this phone, so she obviously gave me permission to look at the data. I hope its just the battery or charger doing it. Its multiple chargers all in one cable, and its very short.


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