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2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, or 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Can I replace 2.3ghz i7 8gb logicboard with 2.7 i7 16gb DG Logicboard?

so i ran into a problem, im pretty sure that one of the best users of this forum will assist me, cuz he gave me answers on the last two question and he probably understands what im talking about in this post.

so the problem (the question) is:

i have macbook pro mid-2012 15" (retina) with i7 DG 8gb configuration, the GeForce GPU is dead, and im about to order a new logicboard for my mac, yeah i know that its kinda expensive and stuff, but it doesnt bothers me, the only thing is, Can i swap this logicboard with something more powerfull? im talking about i7 with 2.7GHz 16GB DG the same year version as my mac

in guessing that same year macs share the same base for logicboard, but the specs were depending on the budget that costumer was ready to pay for it, also i made a little investigation and found out that the DG I7 with 16GB of ram were produced in two variation, the mid-2012 has 2.6 GHz and theres also second variation, that has 2.7 GHz and shares all the same specs (but it were made in early 2013, so im not sure if has the same components location on logicboard, im courious if its compatible with mid-2012 macs) and last but not least, on a first look 2.6 GHz and 2.7 GHz has the same graphics and the ram, but as i guess 2.7 ghz has slightly stronger I7 Processor, does it worth of buying and giving slightly more money for it? (ofc if the logicboars are compatible)

so what sould i do? can i swap the logicboard for some more powerfull one?

Update (12/20/23)

mr @danj im waiting for you!

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If it was made for the same Mac model, for example, MacBook Pro (12,1) then it will be compatible with all MacBooks. If the logic board from 2013 was made for the model of Mac that you have, it should work fine with your MacBook.

Good luck fixing your MacBook Pro!

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