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Valve Steam Controller, released November 10th 2015. Model 1001.

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How to remove stuck batteries?

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I am using a pair of Eneloop pro rechargable NiMH batteries and they can't be pushed out by the lever triggers; it's stuck very hard (can't be rotated while partially dislodged but can be put back into the battery slot) and I'm afraid of damaging the contacts if I pry it.

I will need to put a tape or a piece of ribbons next time as a back up plan to pull it out from the case.

For now can the batteries be safely removed with just unscrewing the plastic cover?

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The small levers are meant to be pushed up and when fully pressed will retract out of the way of the battery (it will "click" and latch in the open position). The lever pushes a wedge behind the battery that shoves the battery sideways so you can lift it out vertically. If you are having any connection between the contacts the latch is not fully extended. You can remove the 4 "grip" screws (You'll need a T6 long screwdriver) to loosen the plastic opening slightly if it's wedged there but if you want to remove the cover completely you will have to take out 3 more screws located under the sticker on the backplate. I've never had any issues with my Eneloop batteries getting stuck and if they fit in they come out with just my thumb and finger for leverage (they are slightly girthier then standard batteries).

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