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Repair guides and disassembly information for the 14-inch MacBook Pro released in October of 2021, featuring Apple-designed M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. Model A2442.

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How do I fix Lines on Screen

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They flicker and appear and disappear often. I bought used. There is no damage on the outside of the case or inside. Could this be a loose cable or something?

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Sadly your display is damaged. Did you bang the hinge edge, crack the chin plate which is just under screen area which can puncture the ribbon cable just behind it. Lastly, don’t use a hard shell or camera blocker (use black tape if you must)

The only solution is replacing the display assembly MacBook Pro 14" (2021 A2442) Display Assembly and here’s the guide MacBook Pro 14" 2021 Screen Replacement

MacBook Pro 14" (2021 A2442) Display Assembly Изображение


MacBook Pro 14" (2021 A2442) Display Assembly


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