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Released January 2020, identified by model numbers SM-A015F, SM-A015F/DS, SM-A015G, SM-A015G/DS, SM-A015M, SM-A015M/DS, SM-A015T1, SM-S111DL, SM-A015V, SM-A015A

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Mengapa speker saya suarannya samarsamar My speaker sound faint

Speker hp saya itu suarannya dah rusah

Kalau mengunakan hadsed suarannya bagus tapi kalau di lepas suarannya samarsamar ataupun suarannya tidak enak di dengar.

Translation (Indonesian)

My cellphone speaker has broken sound

If you use a headset, the sound is good, but if you take it off, the sound is faint or the sound is not pleasant to hear.

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@annasitumorang start off by cleaning the speaker grill. Those speaker openings are very small and a lot of debris collects in those. If that does not work, you may need to consider replacing the speaker.

Since iFixit does not yet have a guide for this. Use something like this video to get to it. You do not have to mess with the main board. After the initial opening go to 2:12 to see how to remove the speaker assembly. Replacement speakers are readily available online. Just select a speaker that is for your exact model.

While you work on your phone, take lots of pictures. Once you are done with it, take those pictures and create a guide for iFixit. That will help the next person that has the same problem as you do. It's easy and fun to create these guides. https://ifixit.com/Guide/new The iFixit community will appreciate this.

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