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The Flipper Zero is a versatile multi-tool device designed for hacking, debugging, and experimenting with various electronic gadgets and systems, such as sensors, receivers, and other electronic components.

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Can the USB port on flipper zero be repaired or replaced?

My flipper zero's USB-C port still works for charging, but no longer works for firmware updates, serial communication, file transfer, or as an HID device. If I wiggle the USB port then I can get it recognized briefly but after trying a dozen different USB-C cables and 4 different PC's I've concluded that it is a hardware issue. Is a repair feasible/possible by re-soldering the port connection to the board, or are the solder points too small?

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sounds like its got a disconnected solder pad or maybe a couple, it is repairable but it might need micro jumper wires if the solder pads are damaged

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It sounds like your USB-C port might be damaged. I would look inside the USB-C to check for damage (Bent pins or burns). If you see any damage, I would attempt to contact Flipper's Official Support to see if they can repair your device if it is under warranty before attempting to replace the port itself. If the device isn't under warranty, try updating the device via Bluetooth before replacing the port.

Also, to answer the core of your question, it is possible, but you will need micro-soldering skills/equipment.

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