Toaster will not stay down; only 2 of 4 panels heat when forced down.

Our toaster recently stopped toasting and I am hoping that I can fix it rather than sending it to a landfill and buying a new one.

It doesn't engage at all to stay down when you press down the lever. If you force it to stay down, it will heat up the 2 inner panels, but the 2 outer panels remains cold. So I suppose you could technically manually toast one side of two slices of bread this way. It is sort of like having the bagel button and cancel button both held down - but of course they aren't.

I did figure out how to get it apart, but I am pretty new at diagnosing this stuff and don't see anything obviously wrong to me.

I was hoping that maybe the description of that problem would mean something specific enough for someone here to point me in the right direction.

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Additional note: After some digging around online, the most common explanation I see for the lever not staying down is crumbs getting in the way of the electromagnetic connection. This doesn't seem to be the problem in my case.

The most common explanation I have come across so far for partial heating is broken nichrome circuits on those panels. This is possible, and I will try to take a closer look tomorrow - but it seems odd to me that the outer panels would both break at the same time and I'm not sure if/how this would explain or connect to the lever not staying down...


I have not had a chance yet to look for a break in the nichrome wire, but if I find one I am now wondering how difficult it would be to repair the break vs needing to replace the panel... or potentially rewire it with a specific gauge of nichrome, though I imagine most would are going to say that is a little extreme to save a toaster if that is what I had to do...


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