Dropped MacBook shows black screen.

No visual damage was found.

Mac was inside of suitcase and it was inside of a bag.

Mac boots up,I can hear the chime,but the screen is totally black,not even “light” black. Caps lock light doesn’t work.

I tried SMC,PRAM reset, didn’t work.

Reconnecting screen display by unplugging those two things didn’t work. I used this video

Block Image

Reconnecting battery didn’t work.

I also tried SMC,PRAM reset while the battery was disconnected and Mac was getting energy from the charger. Didn’t work. I used that video.

What else can I do before changing the screen?I don’t want to swap screen cause it’s expensive.

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@david83516 have you tried an external monitor yet? What did that show?


@oldturkey03 i don’t have functional external monitor unfortunately. Buying new one is too expensive.


@david83516 since your display is completely black, (not grey which would show that there is some response) my suspicion is the display itself.


@david83516 Not even a TV with HDMI?


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