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The Motorola Droid (model number: A855) is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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How to fix my power button

My motorola droid's power button is stuck, which make it that I cant switch on my phone, how can I fix it myself?

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how far did you have to break the phone down to access the power button?


Well My Phone Is Okay There Is Just One Problem Its Hard To Trun On You Have To Prees It Hard To Turn It On And It Hurts My Finger Bad So I Wanna Fix It So It Can Be Easy To Turn Back On And Of Please HelpMeWith This Eny Body ?!


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I'm not entirely sure if your question pertains to the plastic power button or the actual physical contact. In any case, you can use the Motorola Droid Motherboard Replacement guide to gain access to most of the internal components. From there on, you should be able to replace/fix your power button. Good luck.

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The button itself on the power button activator is held on with electronics tape, which does not have good adhesion.

Will need good tweasers, really sticky packing tape, and clean sisors.

Tear down the phone till you have decent access to the power button circit board. Using the tweasers carefully remove the power switch tape and the dome activator.

I'd reccomend wearing a mask etc as to not blow away that dome, it is a pain to find!

Cut an appropriately sized piece of tape (I used a 6mm,6mm square and trimmed after) and use the tweasers to move the dome to the tape, sticking the dome to the tape like a bowl on a table, Then carefully slide the tape in and attach it with the dome centered on the switch.

At this point I would test the feel of the switch's click, and if it felt good then pop in the battery and test that it does power on the droid, removing the battery and cycling it a few times. (all subjective) Then when happy trim up the excess tape and close it up.

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Well, this may not be the best solution, but when you plug your Motorola Droid in to charge it, it will turn the phone on.

My Motorola Droid's power button unglued itself from the circuit board when I took it apart. So I was left with no button at all.

To put your phone back to "sleep" without the power button, I found a couple of apps that made for a good "work around". One was called "Off And Lock" (I think) and the other was "Shake Off" (I think). "Shake Off" was cool, but was a grade B app that loaded some kind of adware on my device.

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I'm having the same problem with my droid. plugging it into the power source does NOT turn the phone back on. just shows me that its charging


Way late on this post but if it helps anyone..... My Droid does bring up the screen from sleep if I plug a charger cord into it but I found another way to bring it back to life until repaired. If your phone is set to show notifications while the screen is timed out then all you have to do is swipe one of the notification icons and it should open up as well. Of course you have to have an available notification for this to work but with all my email accounts, texts, etc... that's never a problem for long. Good luck! DK


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Michael Ellsworth has the correct solution. Thank you Michael! You saved me a bunch of money.

Here is how to disassemble your droid. You do not have to disassemble all the way. I bought the tools from the shop that posted the video for about $10 including shipping.


ps- the little metal dome was found loose near the bottom of my phone.

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We had the same problem with my husband's Motorola Droid Turbo 1. The power button died, and we didn't let the battery drain for weeks, knowing there would be no way to turn it back on if it powered off. But then he accidentally let the battery drain, the phone powered down, and we had no way to turn it back on. It would charge, but with the broken power button, we couldn't turn it on.

If you put it on a wireless charger (we got one with the phone when we bought it) the wireless charger will turn the phone on. Both our Droid Turbo and the charger came from Verizon. Hope this helps someone else. We had already bought a new phone, and only figured this out when we were trying to get the pictures off the Turbo.

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