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The Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH is a 15 Inch gaming laptop released in 2018. The Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH has a full HD screen with a long 10-hour battery to support everyday gaming.

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Looking for a Way to Extend Battery Cable


I am using a ‘Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH’ laptop, but more importantly, the battery inside is the original ‘L17L3PG1’ ( Li-ion | rating: 11.34 V | TYP 4630 mAh/52.5 Wh | MIN 4498 mAh/51 Wh).
Upon unplugging the 12-pin connector of the battery from the motherboard, I figured out that the laptop is indeed fully capable of working at maximum performance without a battery, so only with the power supply.

I was thinking of extending the cable of this battery, and I need at least 20 centimetres of extension for this (because I want to use this battery outside of the laptop on my own responsibility). There is no information printed on this 12-pin connector. → Picture about the 12-pin connector
(Actually, the batteries called ‘L17C3PG1’ and ‘L17M3PG1’ have the same connector.)

• Does an extension cable exist for this purpose? (With a female connector on one side, and with a male connector on the other side.) If yes, can it be purchased? (If such cable does not exist, how can the 12 cables be extended at home with proper equipment?)

• From a technical and electrical point of view, is it safe to extend the 12 cables of the battery this way? Is it safe for the connections?

Thanks for the responses in advance!

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The red and black wires are pretty obviously positive and negative of the battery, but I don't know what the rest do. Possibly monitoring voltage, or heat sensing, an interlock, or unconnected. If you can't find a mating connector set, you could splice in some wires, maybe with your own connector. It would be safe to do, but I don't see what advantage this would get you to have an external battery 20 cm away.

Better to use an external battery plugged into the power jack. Those connectors are easier to find, and have just two connections. You would need a charger for the battery, though. Check the voltage output of the existing power supply. A "12 volt" car battery might put out 12.6 volts, so if you are worried about the extra voltage, just use a power diode in series with the positive lead. A diode rated at 50 volts at 3 amps is very cheap and will drop the voltage 0.6 volts. You can put more in series if need be. If you are running in a car, use an auxiliary power port (cigarette lighter) jack. You can buy ready made adapters for many laptops, or a universal one.

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