When I insert a disk, it makes a terrible sound

I opened the Disk Drive to do a super clean on this untouched, 3rd gen Xbox Game Console (1st Xbox One) and I did gently bend the magnet retainer (small metal piece that bends over the top of the disk holding magnet) and now the disk just rattles around when it attempts to read the disk,

I have had the Xbox open (and the disk tray casing) and turned on, put a disk in and I got it to read and install even though it still rattled around (I know it only reads the code from the disk and the rest is run from the downloaded files) but now I can't get it to read with the Xbox fully assembled, this Xbox is (in fact all the Xbox's I've dismantled are) a pain in the arse to dismantle and access the internals,

Can anyone help me, I need to know how to get the magnet to secure the disk in place better as I have had it apart a few times and I am approaching my wit's end haha

Thank you in advance and look forward to your responses 😊

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