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How can I reset my pc/boot into windows

My pc is stuck on the brand logo screen, and I am unable to boot into an external drive, boot into windows, boot the bios, and I can’t use keyboard commands. Please help, as I need to post a video to my YouTube, and this is my only gaming pc.

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@gamergod179 if it gets to the splash screen (brand logo screen) and not any further, your computer can't find the system files, This could be a BIOS issue (uncommon this that would usually create a black screen situation, or it is failing its POST. Disconnect your HDD/SSD or other boot device you are using and see if that changes anything.

Can you verify that your computer is a Beckhoff C5102-0060 since that is a rackmount industrial computer and a interesting choice for a gaming PC.

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I think it’s a bios issue, however, I have reset the bios pay the pins and removing the cmos battery. What can I do?


@gamergod179 any change when you remove the boot drive?


Nope. Tried already.


@gamergod179 at this time you could check your main board and see if you can identify the BIOS. It may be possible to flash it since you said your computer does not let you access it teh usual way as described by Beckhoff:

For Industrial PCs that are delivered ex factory with the FC1028 EtherCAT card, the BIOS is configured appropriately so that the card functions properly.

If you retrofit a Beckhoff Industrial PC with a FC1028, you must adjust or check the settings in the BIOS to

Adjust BIOS settings:

1.Restart your Industrial PC and press [Del] to start the BIOS setup.

2.If the [Del] key does not work, another key is displayed on the screen in any case, which can be used to access the BIOS setup.

3.Press [F4] to save the settings and exit the BIOS setup.

The Industrial PC is restarted.


I don’t know, it’s down to the hard drives the psu and the cpu and the motherboard


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