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Information and repair guides for dehumidifier repair, an appliance that removes humidity from the air in your home.

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Dehumidifier comes on, but no water in the container.

My Challenge MDDN-10DEN7-QA3 Dehumidifier I've had for a few years has suddenly stopped collecting water. It will come on and cold air will exit from the top but even if I leave it on for hours it won't collect any water in the container.

I believe it may be dusty on the inside but I'm not sure how to open it up and can't really find a guide online, but any other answers would be helpful if possible.

Thank you for any help.

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Here are a couple of links to the owners manual:



Hope this helps.


Just want to update this by saying that I opened my dehumidifier and cleaned all the dust from it but after leaving it on for a day it still hasn't collected any water. It's still working as it did before with cold air coming out of the top but the humidity stays the same.

If it's not dust, I have no idea what else it could be. Any other ideas that could help?


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Well I figured out what the problem was. I opened it up and cleaned it but that didn't help so I eventually read through the manual that @mike3 posted again (https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/C1a8...) and noticed the page about humidity set control. That's what I discovered that my humidity setting was at the highest (90) meaning the dehumidifier was never trying to take humidity away because I had set it to try and keep to 90% humidity. I put this all the way to the bottom (35) and it's been working fine since.

So if anyone comes across this, check if your humidity controls (the plus and minus buttons) are at the lowest.

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@humid while we are all still trying to figure out how to open yours, the one thing I would focus on is the compressor. Listen to your dehumidifier if the compressor kicks in. If for example, your dehumidifier has a failed humidistat sensor switch, then the compressor will not come on. That means your dehumidifier will start and run but it will not dehumidify.

Looks like your dehumidifier is/was marketed under multiple rebranded names but it is a Midea Air- Conditioning device made in Guangdong , China. Here is the datasheet for it (I know not what you needed but it's a start :-) Dehumidifier Catalog Tcm865 152043

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Thanks for the response.

How would I know if the compressor is coming on or not? What sound should I listen out for? A click, a hum?


@humid if you bring your humidity settings way low and turn your dehumidifier on, then increase the humidity settings there will be a point where you should here (and feel) the compressor kicking on. Of course, if you have an ammeter you can see that it kicks on by the increase in amps pulled :-)


Have you checked the air filter as suggested in the owner manual? You mentioned that its blowing cool air. That's a good sign as these things are just little refrigerators. They work like a glass of icewater on a hot day by condensing the water vapor in the air and draining it into the bucket. Try the links in the comments part. The manual has a troubleshooting guide and instructions on cleaning the air filter. I don't know your geographic location but if the ambient air has low humidity, the dehumidifier may run without wringing much water out of the air. I was having this concern with mine and, as I didn't trust the humidity reading on it, I found a humidity gauge at Lowes for under 20 bucks. It seems they both agreed that the humidity was quite low so my distrust of the gauge on the dehumidifier was misplaced. It still runs frequently but it doesn't collect much water. Humidity is low, though. Good luck


@mike3 Thanks for responding.

I have several dehumidifiers around the house to get rid of humidity in places. I live in the UK and have one in my sitting room as the windows are usually closed and I don't want mold on my walls, one in my room for a similar reason and one in the bathroom after my family and I shower.

The one in the sitting room and in my room work fine. However, the one in the bathroom used to work but now it doesn't. I will check the filter and clean it out and see if that's the issue. I personally think it might be dusty on the inside as the one that was in the sitting room didn't work until I found a video online to clean it out, now it works perfectly. I would do the same to this one but no one has a guide on how to open it.


Here is a link to a pdf file with what I believe to be your dehumidifier. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/C1a8... Page 18 has the instructions for accessing and cleaning the air filter.

You mention that you have several dehumidifiers around the house to get rid of humidity. Have you considered where all of this humidity is coming from? I pose the question because my house was also very humid. I placed one 70 pint dehumidifier on the ground floor and one 70 pint on the top floor. This made things better but I was continually having to empty the buckets. I have an older house with a dirt floor in the basement and I knew that most of the moisture was coming from there. I finally got the ambition to install a sump and sump pump down there just to try to lower the water table. Then I got the idea to move the dehumidifier from the ground floor to the basement and let it drain into the sump so that I would no longer have to empty the bucket. That worked well.


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