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Released Late August of 2021 Made By Samsung MSRP: 160$ CAN

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Please help with finding part.

I added this question onto the repair guide, but I will also add it here since I am desperate. What is that yellow ribbon cable at the bottom to the side of the vibrate motor? I ordered a new screen and front frame, and while I was transferring things I accidentally punctured my battery. I had to get rid of the back frame, and it still had that part in it. I was too afraid of trying to get it out with the battery sizzling and sparking. The replacement front frame I bought doesn't have that in it, and I can't find it sold anywhere. Please someone help. You can see it on step 11

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Hi Caden,

I think @jayeff is onto something; like you guys I couldn't find that part separately but indeed the screens for the SM-A037U model do have that part on it. Unlike jayeff's link, I actually found one cheap enough to be worth getting even if you only want it for the cable and not the entire screen and frame.

Samsung Galaxy A03s (A037U / 2021) LCD Screen Assembly Replacement Wit

And if for some reason that one doesn't pan out, here's another one that's a bit more expensive but will still get you the part.

Samsung Galaxy A03S (A037U/2021) LCD and Digitizer Glass Screen Replac

I think that's your best bet at this point. Hope that gives you what you need.

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Alright, thank you so much. I'll put in the order for the part.


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