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This is a device page for a Cuisinart CPT-140BK electrical toaster. The Cuisinart CPT-140BK has 9-setting LED browning dials, a LED bagel option, defrost and reheat touch-pad controls, and a slide-out crumb tray.

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Red numbers are flickering. Is this dangerous to use?

Over ten years old. We use it occasionally, not heavily. The red lighted number started to flicker on one side, and now both numbers are flickering. Is it safe to keep using it? Spousal unit doesn't want to buy a new one; I think a toaster is less expensive than recovering from a house fire. : )

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I don't want to cause spousal disharmony, but I say the red numbers are separate from safe operation. We had a 2 slice cuisinart toaster for years, the red numbers failed and we kept using it for a long time, several more years . The toasting, heating function kept working.

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Thanks! I was concerned that it could be on the verge of a short or something...


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