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Repair and disassembly information for the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 portable wireless mouse. Released in 2020 and identified by model number 910-005986, 910-005833, 910-005987, or 910-005985.

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phantom clicking in Anywhere MX 3

Same problem addressed for Anywhere MX mouse, but since this model is different, I wonder if there's another solution.

This happened after around 1.5 years of use.

My partner has the same mouse and the same problem, using a different OS, so it seems to me to be a hardware problem.

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Hi @glicerico

What had you tried? had you tried replacing the micro switch?


No, I don't know what the micro switch is or how to replace it. Is there a guide? If you are referring to the article I linked, I planned to do it, but saw in the comments that some people tried with the Anywhere MX 3 and didn't work for them


Ah, I think the micro switch is the module containing the clickable part. No, I didn't replace that, I don't have the spare part.


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Inspired in the guide for the Anywhere MX mouse, I opened the Anywhere MX 3, and although it's not built the same way, the solution was simple.

After carefully removing the 4 pads in the bottom of the mouse, then the 4 screws below them, I opened the mouse and saw the white elongated button responsible for the click.

Block Image

I cut 3 small squares of black electrical tape

Block Image

to fit the contact point with the click button on the other side, on the top of the mouse. I pasted the 3 squares one on top of the other in the place indicated by the screwdriver:

Block Image

then just reassembled the mouse cover, screws, and pads.

This fixed the problem and now my mouse works as good as new :)

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Yep. Same double click issue as all other Anywhere MX, appeared after 2 years of use after mandatory warranty ran out. Starting to believe this is deliberate design flaw. Has happened in 5/5 Anywhere MX mouses I have used.

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sad situation


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