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Name of the chip

Hi guys. Can anyone help me identifying this IC?

Block Image

Obviously it’s a INA219B, but which one? There seems to be a whole lot of them

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Got a hint on Mastodon that it is a INA219BIDR. Does everyone agree?


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@insympathy based on the markings on the IC "I219B" and checking the datasheet, the IC is a INA219BIDR

Here is the Ina219 datasheet. Check addendum page 1

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Thanks a lot! Can you give me a hint on how do you manage to find out an exact model of the chip? What do you look at?


@insympathy same way as you do it. I go by the descriptor on it. Some IC's are easier than others. This one is a TI so its easier. Others can be a lot harder. Start by checking the logos on the IC to identify the manufacturer. Something like this as well as this helps, if it is up to date. Then you will need to find out how those manufacturers mark the components, since there is no real standard for it either. Manufacturer's love to confuse us and make things difficult.

Of course, the easiest way is to have the schematic for the stuff you work on. No secrets, just a lot of sleuthing.


Roger that, thanks 🙏🏻


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