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The HP Envy 4520 is an all-in-one wireless printer and scanner that was manufactured by Hewlett Packard (HP). It was released August 2015 and can be identified by the product number F0V69A#B1H.

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LCD screen solid blue, printer unresponsive.


The printer is no longer detected by any of my devices, whether connected wirelessly or through USB, and the screen is solid blue. The touch-buttons next to the screen do light up. Pressing the power button does nothing, even when held down for over a minute. I tried unplugging it (from power) and plugging it back in multiple times in quick succession as well as waiting several hours to plug it back in, and nothing changes.

At this point I believe I'm out of options for interacting with it from the outside. Any help narrowing down the problem and/or fixing it is welcome.

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I have this EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Have you tried to install a NEW POWER SUPPLY? That is the the way I am going to try and solve the problem. For $17.99 and a few minutes of your time you might be able to revive that printer. That MAY or MAY NOT solve your problem. If it DOES you may be able to get a few more years out of that printer; if NOT it may be time to start thinking of buying a NEW PRINTER. Today, you can pick up a NEW, when it is on sale, HP ENVY 6455e for $82.49

Before my mind lead me to various pages, I figured that my printer may have given up its ghost. I run LINUX and HP is THE printer you buy. I do NOT print a lot of stuff. If you actually USE a printer, by which I mean you print a LOT of stuff, as opposed to me, who prints very little stuff, then a better idea is to invest in a NEW PRINTER rather than invest time and money in fixing the old printer.

If you like to "tinker" then add a new power supply and see IF that will solve the problem. I'll keep you posted of my results.

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I don't approve of some of HP's anti-consumer practices and I never got that printer to work with my Linux machines. I ended up buying a Brother printer which I'm happy with. I still have the HP printer. Do tell me if you manage to solve your problem with a new power supply, I'd love to fix it and give it away.


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