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Repair information and guides for the minor refresh of the Late 2018 MacBook Air, with the same model number (A1932) and EMC number (3184). This model features a True Tone display and a slightly revised battery.

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MacBook air 2019 extremely slow

Hello! My Macbook air 2019 (A1932) is extremely slow. Several seconds after turning on, the fans start working very loudly.

Looks like overheating but laptop seems to be cool. Won't load the system or start recovery, freezes. Changing thermopaste, formatting the drive didn't help. Unable to check the temperature because there's no OS installed. What can be causing this problem?

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Well, that sounds like a logic board issue, or a heat sink issue. Inside the heat sink, there's an army of tiny thermal sensors that read the temperature of the CPU and GPU. When these sensors fail, they essentially tell the processor that the Mac is on fire. Therefore, the Mac's fan will spin at high RPMs and the Mac itself will not boot until it can cool down. If the Mac is cool and this is happening, these sensors are probably faulty.

If the sensors are fine, then the logic board is messed up.

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The best thing here is to run the onboard diagnostics to see if a firm error pops. Restart your system and press the D key to enter, let us know what you get for any errors

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Thank you! I run the diagnostics which showed that the battery was not found. Reconnecting the battery solved the issue. Apple seems to throttle the CPU when there's no battery. I've no idea why they do that!


@kolius - The SMC logic will throttle the system when it looses access to the sensors within the battery as you wouldn’t want to over charge the battery! That would be a dangerous.


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