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Repair guides and documentation for the Google Pixel 5 smartphone. Released October 15th, 2020. Model Number: GD1YQ, GTT9Q

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Screen is black on google pixel 5

I replaced the battery on my Google Pixel 5 and it's screen stays black when i try to boot it. When I push the power button, it vibrates, but nothing else happens. Any idea as to why it's not turning on? I did everything according to the instructions I was given by a Ifixit.com. Except I messed up the pull strips on the batter and may have punctured the black lining underneath it but it wasn't too bad. When i was prying it open i preyed a bit to much to the top so i remove the plastic bit on the bottom of the screen. I ended up adding adhesive to stick it together but it didnt make a crunch sound when i pushed down the screen.

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So basically I think this might be a display issue. You said you fractured the cable that shows the display and have probably damaged it so much that you're going to need to get a new display and install it.

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Yeah i double checked the cable i think its fine. I have edited it a bit


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